Cobden High School

Once an Appleknocker, always an Appleknocker

Cobden Unit School District #17 is located in the village of Cobden, Illinois.

The village is nestled in the hills of Southern Illinois 35 miles north of the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and one mile west of U.S. Highway 51.

The district is comprised of three schools. The schools, all located on one main campus, house students from the village of Cobden and Alto Pass, as well as a large migrant population of Hispanic students.

The unit district has an enrollment of approximately 630 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Source: Cobden Unit School District #17

Cobden Loyalty Song

Hail to the varsity,

cheer them along the way.

Onward to victory,

may we win this game today.

So–Give a cheer for the varsity,

long may they reign supreme,

shout ’til the echoes ring,

for the glory of our team.


We’re loyal to you, Cobden High,

to the Maroon and White,

Cobden High.

We’ll back you to stand,

you’re the best in the land,

and we know you will stand, Cobden High!

So rack out that ball, Cobden High

We’re backing you all, Cobden High.

Our team is our fame protector,

on boys ’cause we expect a victory from you

Cobden High!